Subversion climbed high into the mountain, through bare slopes and sharp rocks, to find the sword. This is a scary place, and yet they are not without protection : they wear the green of the valley on their feet, the blue of the sky draped around their shoulder, the gold of the sun woven in their hair. They are powerful. The sword was embed deep, deep in the mountain, almost impossible to remove. But they have ripped the rusting weapon out, and with all the power of their small dagger they have broken it. The rule of old kings is over.


Possible meanings : Ending old power structures, old ideas. Fighting conformity. Dislodging obsolete beliefs. Using your connection to the universe to create real change in the world.

"This is the sword of Arthur thrown away, the fall of old kings. It is the end of old ideas, and old power structures. It is also a thorn in a wound, removed, Those old ideas hurt us when we still carry them. Subversion's power is one that comes not from man made structure, but from their connection to the universe. 

They are,the ultimate witch. Maybe the most perfect expression of what I think a witch ought to be. They remind me that there is no witchcraft without the subversion of norm, and without activism. I hope they bring us strength in trying to change the world."