Puissance rises through the night, way above the city. They move through space and they move through times, many moons dance in the sky behind them. In their hand they hold the knife they used in a powerful magical ritual. It digs into their hand, drawing blood. It has cost them much to become this powerful. But the flight is exhilarating, and they are one with the cloud, clouds that are red like their blood, red like their billowing robes. How dull the grey city below seems!


Possible meanings : Unleashing your true self. Manic moments. Exhilarating magic. Independence from the group. The joy and pain of being a precursor. Great highs that carry their lows with them. The hardships necessary to find your own power. The cost of greatness. Something great that has taken a long time to achieve. Listening to your primal self.

« Notice that Puissance has a stripe of brown fabric, the colour of the earth, wrapped around their chest. It speaks of the need to stay grounded even in manic moments. »