Magnificence is parading in their work room. They have made themselves a regal outfit out of repurposed scraps of fabrics they have cut with their knife. Their outfit might seem strange, big and garish, but they look absolutely gorgeous, and they know it. They are getting ready to go our and parade in the corridor of the castle, radiating beauty, self confidence, and defiance.


Possible meanings : Creating your own identity. Embracing difference. Feeling your own power. Self-confidence. Inner light. Taking space, embracing joy.

"This is magnificence, one of the very first card I created for the deck. They are the second one actually, the first one, logically enough, was about transformation. Magnificence is about creating your own identity, about feeling your own power, and your own beauty. They are playing dress, have made themselves a regal outfit out of scraps of fabric. They are really feeling themselves, and they are *magnificent*. Just looking at them brings me so much joy. They are inspired by the trans and non binary folks in my life. I have witnessed so much beauty in the community, so much strength in struggle, and yet so much joy. This is what this card is about, and I hope I can embody this energy every day."