Devotion works in the calm of the attic. Outside the sun is setting, but they are putting the last touches on an intricate embroidery. The room is bare, but the embroidery is full of vibrant colours and patterns, making it more beautiful. From simple material they have created something beautiful and intricate, through skill and hard work. Mixed together, the colours of their work creates a new emotion, a new word to get lost in.


Possible meanings : Creating art. Giving everything for a project. Trying to make the world more beautiful. Joy in work. Doing what you are most skilled at. Creating something coherent out of disparate parts. Bringing people together. Conciliating passion and work, or work and personal life. The end of a project, a cycle.

" I have always loved embroidery, the patience it requires, the skill, and the incredible beauty of it once it's finished, colours, patterns and texture all contributing to a work you can look out for a long time. My great grand-mother was also a seamstress for a couture house in Paris, and she taught my mother some of what she knew. The art of embroidery is incredibly old, and so when I get time to practice it I feel connected to so many ancestors blood or not, to their patience, to their care, to their witchcraft. "