Ascension beats their drum in the cemetery. The ancestors are here, so close. The drum is round, like an egg, something in which to be reborn. Mystical flames cradle about them, are they ghosts? Spirits? A reflection of their own power? Their dance is solidly rooted in the ground, and yet the scarfs tear away from the drum, like a cut umbilical cord, and becomes their own blue sky. They are old and they are new, grounded and flying.


Possible meanings : Connecting to one’s ancestors. Inheritance. Celebrating the positive things given to you by your family. Reconciliation with traumatic history. Becoming your own person. Going beyond inherited beliefs. Rebirth. 

« Of all the cards I have drawn, it feels like the most dense, and the most contradictory. I love it. To me it feels like this deep connection to faceless ancestors, whether they are blood or not, like the power rising from the earth. And then it feels like the way music lifts your heart, like the way you can create yourself without permission, like the wonderful feeling you get when you have finally unraveled some particularly damaging inherited beliefs within yourself. »