Fly in the wind, embrace its madness.


They of the wind perches on a cliff, bathing in the gale that lifts their garish cloak of feathers. With the slightest movements of their body they change the song of the wind, and the world listens.

The wind is free and powerful, breathing it in is exhilarating. Yet it is dangerous, prone to anger and destruction. There is a thrill in the wind when it is just high enough that you feel it might carry you away, when it makes you believe that you might fly. There is a music to the wind that is intoxicating, and yet impossible to comprehend.


What the wind brings you : Genius, creative madness, the will to push boundaries.

What the wind wants you to ask : What is my particular madness, my particular genius? What keeps me from developing it? What limits am I putting on myself? What keeps me from being truly me?