Swim in the water, explore its mysteries.

They of the water gently falls toward the deep, dressed in nothing but currents. They joyfully dive into the living darkness. Visions dance in the waves, glitter on the scales of fish. There is no telling if they are surrendering to water, or if the water shapes itself around them.

Water is transparent, and yet full of shapes and shadows. It is difficult to dive deep, fighting with the waves and with your own need for air, yet there is a joy in getting lost in this way, weightless, in trying to grasp at the chimeras created by currents. The water knows your mind, and mirrors it. Get lost in the deep for just a moment, see what you can find.

What the water offers you : Inspiration, receptivity to the messages of your subconscious.

What the water wants you to ask : Can you sometimes let go of reasoning? What space are you giving your intuition, your instincts? Are you one with the darkest part of yourself, or are you pushing them away?