Dance in the rain, welcome its healing.


They of the rain dances under the dark skies, their movements are full of the echo of past pains, and yet graceful, a joy to behold. They dance, dance, dance, and so they transform the grey into beauty.

The skies are grey when it rains, a gloom fills the world. And yet rain nurtures the earth and quenches the thirst of trees. It heals the burns of summer, and brings back a bit of warmth in winter. Offer yourself up to the rain, feel its strength and its kindness, let it heal you. 


What the rain brings you : Healing, transcending pain through art and self expression.

What the rain wants you to ask : Am I too shy or scared to express myself? Do I look to please others with what I create, instead of prioritizing my own healing? Am I letting myself sit with my pain so I can transform it?