Climb up the mountain, share in its strength.


They of the mountain reclines on the rocks. The cliff might feel sharp and dangerous to others, but it is their home, and they are master of this realm. The snow to them is a soft blanket, and from this great hight they can see the whole of the sky. They do not fear falling into it, they are as stable as the mountain.

Mountains are solid, rooted deep in the earth. Yet they move, even I we go to fast to perceive it. If you lie down on the flank of the mountain, you can feel its strength, the stillness of the rock under the living turf. Mountains are always at rest and yet carry an immense burden of life, whispering forests and singing streams. Rest, and experience what it is to be still, and yet deeply alive.


What the mountain offers you : Confidence in your own strength, the ability to rest.

What the mountain wants you to ask : Are you capable of meaningful rest? Do you know your value enough to defend your right to stop? Do you know what makes you strong?