green wolf



The green wolf is drinking from a pool, and from the light of the sun. They are not looking at the sun, but at its reflexion, and finding meaning in it. They are the colour of the forest, at once perfectly at home within it, and the only awakened conscience around.

The green wolf is about deciphering arcane signs and symbols. They help you be sensitive to your surroundings without being overwhelmed, and seeing beyond the mundane, into the truth of things. Logically, They are also the preferred guide of tarot readers.


What the Green Wolf brings you : An understanding of arcane symbols, a sensitivity to your surroundings, the capacity to see beyond the mundane into the truth of things.

What the Green Wolf asks of you : Do you look beyond de surface, to understand how things work? Do you listen to your intuition? Are you open to little signs the universe gives you?