« Is silence catching a snow flakes? Are they reaching for a star? »



Silence stands on the roof, above the sleeping city. It is the first snow of the year, and little flakes float down gently, white like Silence’s cloak. They have taken out their helmet to see the spectacle better, they have put down their knife. The snow falls gently onto their face, a blessing. Some of them look like stars… Or is it stars, falling gently from the sky?


Possible meaning : Going out into nature, contemplating its beauty. Working with the rhythm of the seasons. Taking advantage of darker, slower moments.

« This is Silence, a character that can be found both in my first « 9 knights » oracle deck. In the oracle they were obviously a knight, but now they are a pilgrim. The cut rope (symbol of the knight in the deck) and the discarded witch’s knife shows this. It was meaningful to me to have this little internal story."