Tarot of Devotion

The Tarot of Devotion is a temple.The minors are its frescoes, the majors its stained-glass windows.


It is a little world all in itself, a safe place. It is meant for readings, intention setting, meditation.

The minors are us, who we are, what we do, different traits that we can embody at different times in our lives. They are knights, witches and pilgrims. The majors are divinities, the forces beyond ourselves, energies we can tap into, and decide to channel.

None of the characters in the Tarot of Devotion are about keeping, hiding, hoarding. They are all about giving it all, joyfully and ecstatically, to your self, your community, the universe, the divine, Spirit…

My goal, as with my first oracle, is also to create characters that are as gender neutral as possible, so the reader can project different identities not them, and if they are not the same as my own canon, then even better.

The Tarot of Devotion is a kind deck. We all sometimes need to  be called out by the card, but this tarot is about what you have, not what you lack. It’s about possibilities and not mistakes. It speaks of the resources within and without.