Hekate Oracle

Hekate (or Hecate) is a very ancient divinity, first worshipped by the ancient greeks. Her cult existed mainly through small altars in the home, she was linked to the moon, the underworld, and magic.  Throughout the ages she has been reimagined, loved and feared, and is still worshipped by many modern witches today.

Hekate is the one who stands at crossroads, the divinity of the in-betweens. In this oracle I wanted to celebrate this aspect that I connect strongly to, reinventing Hekate as a gender fluid, many-shaped guide for all of us who are trying to find our way outside of traditional roles and binaries. I was inspired by the many wonderful epithets, a tribute to their complexity and capacity for transformation.

Le voici enfin, mon nouvel oracle : "The many names of Hekate", ou "Les nombreux noms d'Hekate" .

Hekate (ou Hecate) est une très ancienne divinité, d’abord vénérée en Grèce ancienne, où son culte existait surtout à travers de petits autels domestiques. Elle était liée à la lune, aux enfers, et à la magie. A travers les ages elle a été de nombreuses fois re-imaginée, aimée autant que crainte, et elle est encore vénérée par de nombreuses sorcières modernes.

Hekate est celle qui se tient aux carrefours, la divinité de l’entre-deux. Dans cet oracle c’est cet aspect, celui qui me touche le plus, que j’ai voulu célébrer, re-inventant Hekate comme une divinité gender-fluid au multiples formes, un guide pour tous ceux d'entre nous qui cherchent à trouver leur chemin hors des roles traditionels et des notions binaires. J'ai été inspiré par ses multiples epitetes, preuve de sa complexité et de sa capacité de transformation.

How to use this oracle : The many Hekates within are meant as guides. You can draw one card as inspiration, encouragement, or the start of your reflexion. This can be done at the beginning of your day, of your week, or to pay hommage to Hekate’s link to the moon, as part of a new moon ritual. They will also make a nice additional signifier for a larger reading using a traditional tarot.

Those cards are also meant as small devotional tokens for those of us who work with Hekate : You can choose the card that speaks the most to you, or that represent an aspect of yourself you want to work on, and display it on your altar, or carry it with you!